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Small Yoga Studio in Tsukishima and Shirokane-Takanawa

Customized Classes for your self-development

Personalized lessons for various Yoga Asanas

FLARE PLUS has small and cozy studios in Tsukuda Chuo(Tsukishima & Kachidoki Sta.) and Shirokane Minato(Shirokane-Takanawa & Hiroo Sta.) Tokyo.

We provide 3 types of class, Private Class, Open (Small Group Public) Class, and Corporate Yoga Class for your self-development based on Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathing, and many self-care techniques.

With family, friends, or co-workers

Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation lessons at your office

At-home, at-office, and online lessons are also available.
Lesson fee & Travel fee

No admission fee or annual fee. Please contact us and book a class. You can choose any classes for trial.

Classes & Pricing

Private Class

One-to-One or Small-Group private class
Tsukuda(Tsukishima) Schedule
Shirokane Schedule

60 min Class

¥ 10,000 for 1 person
¥ 12,000 for 2-4 people

75- min long lessons are also available.
No admission fee or annual fee.
In the studio lesson, we lend a yoga mat (Manduka Pro mat) for free.
These are tax-included prices.

●Online lesson
¥5,000 / 30min-

●At-home lesson
Private lesson fee + Travel fee ¥3,000-

●For corporate / Large group lesson
30 min class
-5 people ¥ 6,000
6- people + ¥ 600 p.p.
+ Travel fee ¥ 3,000-

45 min class
-5 people ¥ 9,000
6- people + ¥ 900 p.p.
+ Travel fee ¥ 3,000-

60 min class
-5 people ¥ 12,000
6- people + ¥ 1,200 p.p.
+ Travel fee ¥ 3,000-

These are tax-included prices.

Open Class

Small group(up to 4 people) public class

60 min class
Trial: ¥ 3,000
Drop-in: ¥ 4,000
Tickets: ¥ 12,000/4 lessons(valid for 8 weeks + 1 day)

30 min class
Trial: ¥ 1,500
Drop-in: ¥ 2,000
or 0.5 tickets

  • No admission fee or annual fee. Trial fee applies only to "First Time Attendees" regardless of ether Private Class or Open Class.
  • In the studio lesson, we lend a yoga mat (Manduka Pro mat) for free.
  • These are tax-included prices.


If you couldn't find which class is fit for you, please come to プライベートクラス(Private Class).

Tsukuda(Tsukishima) Schedule

Tsukuda Open Class

>Themes of Open Class

△:1-2 people left available

Tsukuda Private Class


Shirokane Schedule

白金プライベートクラス スケジュール


Themes of Open Class

★stars indicate the exercise intensity. are Dosha Types.

  • ヨガ ベーシック(Yoga Basic) ★★-★★★
  • ピラティス ベーシック(Pilates Basic) ★★-★★★★
  • シヴァナンダヨガ(Sivananda Yoga) ★★-★★★
  • アシュタンガヨガ ベーシック(Ashtanga Yoga Basic) ★★★-★★★★
  • ヨガ&ピラティス(Core Training Yoga & Pilates) ★★-★★★★
  • 陰ヨガ(Yin Yoga)
  • 陰ヨガ&ピラティス(Yin Yoga & Pilates) ★★〜★★★
  • 朝ヨガ&瞑想(Morning Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation) ★★-★★★
  • 30min リフレッシュヨガ(Daytime Refresh Yoga & Meditation) ★-★★


Yosuke Takahashi

Yosuke Takahashi is CEO of FlareWorks Inc. From 2009, he has been involved in many projects of startups and historic companies as designer and front-end web developer.
In 2015, he finished the training at the certified school of Yoga Alliance, and started the career as yoga instructor. In 2016, he received the advanced certification in South India.

With continuing the job as designer, Yosuke is studying and sharing the way, based on Yoga, Pilates, Ayurveda, and Meditation, for physical/mental healthcare especially for the people concerned in IT.

ー Certifications ー

  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT500
  • Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham(South India) AdvancedTTC300h
  • Eclore Yoga(Japan) TTC[basic220h]
  • IYC Ashtanga Yoga TTC
  • Studio Yoggy Pilates Basic TTC

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ー Tsukuda(Tsukishima) Studio ー

Tsukishima Station (Yurakucho Line, Toei Oedo Line) 5 min walk from 6th exit
1-3-14 Tsukuda Chuo Tokyo (Map)

ー Shirokane Studio ー

Shirokanetakanawa Station (Namboku Line, Toei Mita Line) 7 min walk from 4th exit
3-11-6 Shirokane Minato Tokyo (Map)